ResDiary 10.24 Release Highlights

Read the latest release highlights from ResDiary

Front end user facing changes

Extending Bookings

When a user wanted to extend a booking by using the drag and drop feature errors would occur from time to time. Errors such as extending the booking right to the end of the service, or in some cases, incorrectly reducing the booking to 15 minutes have now been fixed.

Widget Configurator Improvements

A number of changes have been made to the Widget Configurator:

  • Older versions of Internet Explorer were not allowing the 3 month calendar to show correctly. This has now been fixed.  
  • Our re-working of online availability searches allowed for any cover size chosen to be reflected in the calendar dates selectable. This update caused a problem with the alignment of the party size dropdown and a change to the CSS resolved this.
  • Our transition to the updated “Stripe Elements” caused an issue with credit card details which were entered on transparent backgrounds. We amended the widget CSS to allow for the chosen text colour to show correctly.

Feedback Report Bug Fix

Reviews which had been filtered by review date were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed.

API Documentation Improvements

We have improved our API documentation to make it even easier to follow for all our API partners and to reduce inbound support queries.

  • We updated our API documentation to add examples of the best use JSON for generating tokens to help developers coding to our Consumer API.
  • We added new provider status properties to the API response to handle “deleted” or “disabled” restaurants properly in the  Consumer API.
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Portal SEO Improvements

A number of changes have been implemented on to improve the portal’s visibility on the search engines, including:

  • Alt tags added to microsite images.
  • Reduction of 404 errors caused by removed microsites.
  • Pagination added to microsite review.
  • Changes to JSON markup for Google Knowledge graphs.

Portal CSS Changes

We have made changes to the styling of is part of a series of ongoing design changes to be seen in the coming months.

EPOS integration

EPOS Changes

A few minor changes have been made in relation to the EPOS API.

  • The “reason for booking”, is now passed with the booking object so that this can be picked up and displayed to the EPOS user. At present, there is a limitation in that the  “reason for booking” can not be set by an EPOS system. This may follow at a later date.
  • When the setting: “EPOS automatically moves bookings to current timeslot when seating” is switched on, any booking marked as “partially seated” by an EPOS user will alter the start time to the “current time”. This change will reduce EPOS scenarios where the table being left unoccupied created problems for users in service.
  • When a booking is marked as “closed” by an EPOS system the end time of the booking will consistently close the booking at the end of the previous time slot. This will leave the present time slot open and available for use for a walk in. It is hoped that this change will reduce support issues, and the need for additional coding by our EPOS partners. This feature will be available to toggle on or off. By default, it is off.

Development for Accor : Display Promotion on a Microsite

A new API has been developed which will  enable an API partner to display a Promotion on a microsite page hosted on a ResDiary domain.