ResDiary 10.24 release highlights

This release contains a number of changes made to our Widget Configurator as well as fixes to various parts of the system.

Widget Configurator Improvements

A number of changes have been made to the Widget Configurator:

  • Older versions of Internet Explorer were not allowing the 3 month calendar to show correctly. This has now been fixed.  
  • Our re-working of online availability searches allowed for any cover size chosen to be reflected in the calendar dates selectable. This update caused a problem with the alignment of the party size dropdown and a change to the CSS resolved this.
  • Our transition to the updated “Stripe Elements” caused an issue with credit card details which were entered on transparent backgrounds. We amended the widget CSS to allow for the chosen text colour to show correctly.

Bug fixes

Extending bookings

When a user wanted to extend a booking by using the drag and drop feature errors would occur from time to time. Errors such as extending the booking right to the end of the service, or in some cases, incorrectly reducing the booking to 15 minutes have now been fixed.

Feedback report

Reviews which had been filtered by review date were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed.