Release Highlights

News of software updates and new improvements in version 10.5 of ResDiary

Diary Performance Improvements

JIRA: RD-13688

Feature Details: The running order was doing much more work than it needed to! Instead of just asking for your booking codes once, it was looking them up once for each booking displayed. This should hopefully provide a bit of a speed boost in busy diaries that use booking codes.

JIRA: RD-13683

Feature Details: The new booking process was grabbing all the information about all the restaurants you have access to as soon as it opened. This meant that it would take much longer to open for restaurants that were part of large groups. We decided to take a bit more of a pragmatic approach, and we now only load the booking information for each restaurant when you switch to them using the restaurant drop down.

General Diary Improvements

JIRA: RD-13806

Feature Details: A minor user interface issue in the card payments section of the new/edit booking window has been fixed. (See image)

JIRA: RD-13651

Feature Details: Moving bookings with promotions onto the standby list was failing. We’ve now fixed that, but if you later take the customer off the standby list again, you will need to re-select their promotion.

JIRA: RD-13603

Feature Details: The ability to delete segments has been removed to avoid loss of data. Instead, segments without any valid periods will be automatically shown in the inactive filter regardless of being enabled/disabled.

Issues from the 10.4 release

JIRA: RD-13811

Feature Details: VIP names are now red in the printed running order again.

JIRA: RD-13807

Feature Details: In our 10.4 release we accidentally managed to break most of the tooltips in the application. We’ve now gone through every tooltip we could find and made sure they work again. (See image)

JIRA: RD-13797

Feature Details: The add menu dialog was looking a bit squashed when using Internet Explorer 11 and below. We’ve now given it some room to breathe.

JIRA: RD-13777

Feature Details: An issue causing close-outs and bookings to be misaligned on the diary grid for some screen resolutions has been fixed

JIRA: RD-13771

Feature Details: Fixed a visual glitch in the diary where a small black bar was being displayed when the top nav bar was minimised.

Technical Changes

JIRA: RD-13740

Feature Details: The Consumer API “GET api/ConsumerApi/v1/Restaurant/{micrositeName}/Bookings” was always returning “false” for “CanEdit”, “CanCancel” and “HasEditCancellationWindowPassed”. These now return the correct values based on the restaurant’s cancellation and edit settings.

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