10.6 Release Highlights

Read some brief highlights below of what to expect in version 10.6

The theme of this release is improvements to the EPOS API. We’ve overhauled the EPOS documentation to make it easier for our EPOS partners to integrate with us. Also in this release we have  improved processes to make it easier to work with unallocated bookings in service via the EPOS. Finally, we are pleased to announce updates that will resolve a number of bugs in other areas of the system. All the links to new functionality will be accessible after the release has completed.

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User Facing Changes

Improved Alert Pop-Up

The alert that pops up before the diary appears when logging into a restaurant was being squashed. We’ve given it more height so that more information can be displayed in it without having to scroll.

Widget Improvement

The widget was displaying before it had fully loaded all the information it needed, which meant that it would sometimes show fields that weren’t enabled in the theme, or show later screens like the customer details screen quickly before hiding them. This was especially noticeable on slow machines.

We Made a Typo…

We’ve fixed a couple of grammatical mistakes in two of the facilities:

  • “Children’s Menu available” now has its missing apostrophe.
  • “Buffets, Business Meetings, Functions catered for” no-longer has an apostrophe in “buffets”.
EPOS integration

Technical Changes

EPOS API Documentation

The EPOS API documentation is now located in the Login site within the ‘API’ section. It has been completely re-written in the style of the Consumer API documentation. Most of the documentation is now automatically generated to help ensure it is always correct and up-to-date. Discover more detailed information on how our OAuth implementation works to make it easier for partners to get up and running with their integrations.

Visit the docs in the API dashboard  (You will need to login with your API account credentials to view the docs.)

EPOS API now optionally allows the inclusion of Unallocated bookings

The EPOS API now optionally allows the inclusion of Unallocated bookings when retrieving diary data. Visit the docs here.

EPOS API now supports unallocated and reallocated booking calls.

The EPOS API now supports two additional calls that allow bookings to be unallocated and reallocated.


Technical Changes

Declined and accepted W8LIST bookings Fixed

Declined and accepted W8LIST bookings are no-longer returned from the EPOS API Get Diary Bookings call. They were being returned by accident previously, which doesn’t make sense because other W8LIST bookings aren’t returned by the call.

EPOS API call now respects the booking status

The UpdateBooking EPOS API call was resetting the booking status to Booked by mistake. It now respects the booking status included in the request.