ResDiary 10.8 Release Highlights

Read some brief highlights below of what to expect in version 10.8

The main theme of this release is making improvements to the settings page of the diary. To make it easier for users to find the settings they need. Also in this release, we have included small fixes to existing functionality in other areas of the diary.

NOTE: As part of this release we are beginning to experiment with using A/B testing. This means that from a user’s perspective occasionally one person might have a slightly different version of certain pages displayed than other people viewing the same pages. The goal is to test which features and updates are widely used and which are not, which will enable us to continually optimise ResDiary.

User Facing Changes

Descriptions added the Settings Menu

Users will now be able to see descriptions under each  item on the settings screen  of the diary. This will make it easier to understand where various settings are located in the menu and what they manage.

Search for a setting

A new search box has been added to the settings menu screen. This will make  it easier for users to find the setting they need.

Updated T&C’s on the Customer Reviews page

We have updated the T&C’s link at the bottom of the Customer Reviews page so that it now displays the latest version of our the terms and conditions.

Improved Functionality

Print Beautiful Running Orders

We’ve fixed a bug that was causing the last column on the running order to be chopped off when printed.

HDYH and Country not loading correctly on NBP

Fixed a bug where the saved HDYH and country values weren’t being loaded correctly on the customer details tab of the booking process.

Tooltips on the diary can sometimes appear off the screen

We noticed that the tooltip that provides a description of a close-out on the diary was sometimes ending up underneath other parts of the diary so you couldn’t see it. We’ve updated it now so that it follows your mouse around the screen, so you should always be able to read the message.


EPOS integration

Technical Changes

EPOS Update Booking request marks booking as ‘Fully Seated’

Previously the EPOS API was fully seating bookings when updating bookings through the UpdateBooking endpoint. This behaviour has been changed so that the seated status is not changed.

The check for unique microsite names should be case insensitive

We’ve updated our check that ensures that two restaurants don’t have the same microsite name so that it’s case insensitive. Previously it would consider “LaTasca” and “laTasca” as different names, even though the microsite name is not case sensitive.