ResDiary 11.0 release highlights : Pre-order updates

We launched Pre-Order by ResDiary last year and it has gone down a treat with our customers. However like everything, there is always room for improvement. Following some excellent user feedback we have received across the past six months, we have made a number of improvements to make using our pre-order app even more of a doddle. Read on to discover what has changed.

What's new

More choice, with improved menu modifiers…

We’ve combined cooking modifiers and optional extras within Pre-Order by ResDiary. This gives you more flexibility when creating your menu, and helps the diner order more effectively. Venues can set up pre-defined optional extras like “Rare”, “Medium” or “Well done” for your guests to select from and even mark specific items as “required”. You can limit the number of items that can be added too e.g pizza toppings or sauces. 

Spent a long time painstakingly creating all your modifiers already? Don’t worry!

Any restaurant that has already set up their modifiers on pre-existing menu items can instantly access these new improved functions without having to recreate them all over again from scratch. You can even make a new group for your most used modifiers to save time when setting up new menus in the future.


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Improvements for 2018

Pre-order expiry time now updates when a change is made to the booking

We’ve ensured that the expiry time for a pre-order is automatically updated when the date or time of a booking is changed using the old booking process.

Better  confirmation emails

Some diners were receiving a booking confirmation before they had paid for and confirmed their booking on the Stripe landing page (chancers!). This has been fixed.

Can’t get a call back?

It’s good to talk, that’s why all pre-orders will now display the customer’s phone number.

Copying just got easier

We have fixed a problem where a pre-order menu that had been copied would cause an error when it was being edited.

More improvements...

Sharing is caring

Everyone likes to share, however, there is a limit. Previously, when a guest shared a pre-order link with other members of the party, it allowed them to edit everyone’s order. As hilarious as this may have been, (10x steaks for the vegans please!), we have fixed this to prevent it from happening.

Dishes not showing correctly on the pre-order report

It’s frustrating not being able to get the information you want. That’s why we’ve ensured that dishes are now consolidated correctly when using the dishes view of the pre-order report.

A seat at the table

We love a party, but what we don’t love is uninvited guests who eat all the food. If you feel the same, then you’ll be very happy to learn we’ve prevented the booking host from increasing the number of guests past the original booking size.