ResDiary 11.1 release highlights

This release contains a number of improvements to functions across the diary to get you processing bookings faster than Usian Bolt.

What's new

The Stripe Landing Page is now optimised for mobile devices

Everyone’s in a rush to get things done these days; if you can’t do it from your smartphone, then what’s the point of even doing it? To help everyone save  time, we’ve optimised the Stripe landing page to display correctly on mobile devices. Now, your diners can easily confirm and pay for their reservations when using their smartphones.

No more partially seated problems 

We’ve fixed a bug that occurred when marking a booking as  “partially seated” before service had begun. In the past these bookings would stay at their allocated time, despite being marked as “partially seated”, causing confusion, spilled drinks, and mass panic. To prevent this from happening,  the booking will move to the beginning of the service when marked as partially seated.

The price is right ( for a pre-order menu)

When creating or editing a pre-order set menu, you were unable to save a set menu where specific items didn’t have a price. We’ve changed it so you can save all your menus easily.



W8List can override a close out

The “seat now” process in W8List can now override close outs, meaning that you can seat diners into closed areas and tables.

Keep it plain (text) and simple

We have altered the email sent to a manager when a function enquiry is submitted. It will now be a plain text email, rather than a copy of the email sent to the diner. This change keeps it consistent with all other manager email alerts.

What’s the magic number?

The magic search has been updated so that it won’t look for phone numbers until at least three digits have been entered. This will give more accurate search results, ABRA CADABRA!

restaurant website must-haves


We have improved table joins on the new booking process

You used to be able to add the same table twice when creating a new join combination. This didn’t really make much sense, so we’ve stopped that from happening. Also, you can now create temporary table joins at any time, not just while in the current service.

“Good save, man!”

We’ve all been there, you spend ages getting your settings perfect, you click “save”, close your window, only to find later that nothing actually saved. Disaster! Now, the save button on the notifications settings page displays a message saying “Saved Successfully” to make it obvious when it’s finished saving.

Got a suggestion for a new product or feature?

We have replaced the ‘User Voice’ feedback system with the ‘Freshdesk Direct’ feedback system so that our team don’t miss any of your wonderful suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!