ResDiary 11.2 release highlights

What did we get you for Valentine's Day? We have made improvements to the custom widget, selected reports, and other functions to make ResDiary even more lovable. Happy Valentine's Day!

Improvements to the Custom Widget

Always looking the best…

Logos across various pages of the custom widget were previously being displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed, and now all logos will always look their best.

“How many in the party?”

Previously, when adults and children were selected on the Custom Widget, the summary calculation would only show the number of adults. This has been fixed and now the correct party size will show in the booking summary.

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Improvements to reports

All running correctly…

Some users had reported a problem with the “Running Order report”. The report would fail if it contained a booking which belonged to a booking channel that had been deleted. This has now been resolved and will include all bookings.

Group Availability report updates

We have improved the Group Availability report. Previously, when running this report the user would be taken to an outdated diary page. This no longer happens.

Improvements to Search and Function Enquiry emails

The right format

Some of the automatic emails sent from our Function Enquiry system were not displaying correctly. The formatting issues have been resolved.

It’s a kind of magic (Search)!

In the past, some users were unable to find settings pages from the Magic Search bar. This has been fixed and now you can find everything you need. Magic!