ResDiary 11.3 release highlights

It’s nearly March, so we decided to do some spring cleaning. After organising the cupboards, we had some time left, and sorted out some bugs, tidied up our styling, and brushed up some features.

Check out the shiny, sparkling 11.3 version of ResDiary, being released on Monday 26th February 2018.

Booking widget


Improvements to geo-location widget styling
Some venues who were choosing white text would find that the geo-location icon would also be white on a white background. It was impossible to see, but it’s all whight now.

Fix for jQueries
Our version of jQuery can have issues with the page it is being hosted on, sometimes causing the widget not to work, or affecting your website. To fix it, we’ve made the jQuery an option for you to select in the design process. (The techy guys tell us if you’re the type of person to use jQuery, you’ll know what all this means. We just corrected the misplaced commas, tbh.)

Fix for mini tall widgets
We fixed an issue where customers had to pick their date and time twice in some widgets with this design. That was a bit of a waste of time so it doesn’t do that any more.

Fix for voucher widget on Safari
After a recent Safari update, our voucher widget wasn’t being accepted, and no cookies were permitted on that browser. Now it’s sorted and the widget & cookies are back. Yay for cookies.

The main app

Improvements to whole area bookings
Before, if an area had one table, any booking on it would become classed as a “whole area booking.” If you wanted to move it out of there, it was a bit of a laborious process. Life’s already got too many laborious processes, so we sorted it.

Fix for close-outs on unbookable time-slots
If someone clicked on an unbookable spot, like at the end of a service, the close outs there were being removed. This was causing some problems, so we fixed the issue behind it.

ResDiary Now

Improvements to promotions on the app
Previously, venues would need to tick the Android App channel in each promotion’s settings for them appear on the ResDiary Now app. Ain’t nobody got time for that. It now happens automatically if you’ve already chosen to show it on mobile apps.


Improvements to Stripe landing page email
The Stripe Landing Page email used to have some wonky, misaligned text when viewed on mobile. We like things shipshape, so that doesn’t happen any more.

Improvements to payment error messages
When a customer’s card was declined (uhoh), the reason why was obscured by the “clear” button. We did some fancy design stuff and that no longer happens.

restaurant website design


Fix for voucher reports
When vouchers were sold internally with a manual payment, they weren’t showing in the reports. That wasn’t ideal, and we’ve added them in.

EPOS integration


Improvements to API documentation
We’ve made this a bit easier to follow and added some clearer instructions.

Fix for updating bookings
A little bug was causing issues when bookings were moved from one area to another. We’re now bug free.