By Claire | Published on May 9th, 2017

ResDiary and Accor Hotels Group agree global enterprise deal

By Claire Murray 15.1.16

ResDiary, a global leader in online restaurant booking systems, today announces a groundbreaking enterprise agreement with Accor SA Paris, the global parent of the Accor Hotel Group.

2016 has been littered with examples, news and campaigns of companies in the hospitality industry trying to regain control of their brand and exercise their keen attitude to work directly with their customers. It’s a bold strategy where white-label products are being favoured, in order to help put restaurants and hotels back in the driving seat of the relationship with those who matter most – diners and guests.

The offering, branded, ‘Table Plus’, provides the Accor Group Hotel restaurants with a ResDiary-powered centralized online and mobile booking site, allowing customers to search and book for availability on a variety of platforms 24-hours a day. The technology and sophistication behind the ResDiary product allows F&B managers to regulate availability, effectively structure reporting and directly communicate with customers on all levels.

This builds on the deal struck last year for roll out of the ResDiary system with Accor Advantage Plus, an Accor affiliate and the most expansive travel, dining and lifestyle program in Asia Pacific.

Mike Conyers, founder and CEO of ResDiary said:

“The hospitality trade is sick of being locked into long fixed term contracts with booking partners that are essentially rampaging through their customer database. Instead they want slick technology from a true partner that gives them powerful reservation and yield management tools, without losing control of the key relationships with their consumer base.having to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

This is the year that businesses gain back control of their bookings and enjoy the rewarding experience of having direct contact with their customers.
The ‘Table Plus’ product offers a centralized and uniform booking platform that is well aligned with the Accor Hotels brand experience, relaunched recently on Presented as a true white-label solution Accor Hotels stay in complete control of the offering, availability, customer data and are never charged commission fees for any of the reservations, consistent with the ResDiary philosophy.”

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