ResDiary Plus: Hidden Gems


We’d like to think each of us, at one time or another, has savoured the privilege of knowing something only a select few before them have shared.
It could be the special button sequence to launch the lift into direct floor access mode, or simply knowing where the secret stash of sugar is in the ResDiary kitchen. If though, you’re not fortunate enough to know these, Plus is happy to give up some special key phrases to reveal its very own Hidden Gems.

From the Login screen, enter any of the following key phrases into the username field and press Login button to activate. (not case sensitive)

1 – Phrase: Big intro
Description: Changes the login tada to something more…. climactic

2 – Phrase: Queue the bells   (also works written asQ the bells”)
Description: Plays about 2 ½ mins of lovely Christmas music (Login as normal to interrupt)

3 – Phrase: Let it snow
Description: This one should be obvious! The more you call this one, the more snow is added to the screen. Go crazy!

4 – Phrase: Snow more
Description: You’ve had enough of the snow! This phrase will clear the snow completely!

5 – Phrase: Merry Christmas
Description: Snow appears. If it’s December, your login audio changes to Mariah Carey

6 – Phrase: More Christmas
Description: More snow appears and a slightly extended version of Mariah… (Remember Mariah only plays in December!)

7 – Phrase: Too much tinsel
Description: Bah humbug. Cancel Christmas! No snow, no Christmas login tunes. Typing Phrase 5 or 6 is the only thing that’ll bring Christmas back

8 – Phrase: Default tada
Description: This will always change the login audio back to our very familiar default piano sound byte