ResDiary Plus version 4.7


Hello 2019! We bet you’re glad that mental Christmas period is over and life is approaching normality. Business as usual has resumed at ResDiary too, and we’ve just released a new version of the ResDiary Plus app. It features improvements and upgrades to the new Grid View layout, giving you more flexibility and usability.
It’s available in the App Store now. Remember to update!

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Compressed mode 

Honey, we shrunk ResDiary! We’ve created a new, compressed version of the Grid View, allowing you to see more of those all-important bookings during service.


Whole area minimising 

For you fancy guys with lots of areas, this one will be useful. To minimise areas that you don’t need to see at that time, just tap the area’s header and it will reduce. Tap again and it returns to full size. Simple.


Service filtering

We’ve added the ability to select what service you want to see in Grid View. Meaning if you’re currently in lunch, you only need to look at lunch. It’s the little things.


Update now More iPad info please