ResDiary outage & server migration notice

We regret we experienced problems with our UK servers on Saturday October 13th. ( These problems were caused by a part of our infrastructure not running optimally, making the system run slow and become inaccessible to some users. We know that this was far from ideal at the start of Saturday lunch service, and we apologise.

We’re migrating servers

To explain further, we are in the final stages of migrating ResDiary’s UK servers from a hosted environment to a fully cloud-based platform on Microsoft Azure. This will provide a highly stable and resilient infrastructure for ResDiary to operate on, and automatically scale at periods of high demand.


Live diaries affected

Unfortunately, the migration process required some background work which shouldn’t have affected live diaries, but unfortunately did on Saturday. We isolated the problem and our UK servers are now running in tandem on a hosted environment at Rackspace, and also in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.


Successful Australian migration

Please note that we have already successfully completed the migration in Australia, moving Australian servers from Rackspace in Sydney to a full Azure environment. In Australia we power over 4,500 restaurants, mostly on the Dimmi platform, and have experienced no issues.


Protect your reservations

No technology is completely failsafe. While the Microsoft Azure platform is highly reliable, resilient, and stable, we can’t guarantee that there won’t ever be downtime. We’d still recommend you continue to save the following day’s Running Order on a nightly basis – this should always be part of your standard operating procedures.

We’re really excited at the potential this migration brings, and we shall advise before the switch takes place (it will be over night!).


We have provisionally planned to complete this migration overnight between Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October 2018. Please ensure that if you are open during this period, you print off a Running Order so you can access your bookings. 

As always, keep an eye on diary pop-ups for updates. We will confirm the migration time and date prior to it happening.


If you want to see ResDiary’s status at any time, please use the link below.

ResDiary status