ResDiary now integrates with wireless social. This integration lets you collect customer details as they sign into your Wi-Fi. It is fully compliant with data protection regulation and allows you to grow your customer database automatically.

The integration will be available to all ResDiary users in the UK with a compatible Wi-Fi service at a flat monthly fee. Add in simple installation and easy integration and it’s a great way to grow your business.

1. Customer logs into your free Wi-Fi

Wireless social works with most major Wi-Fi providers. The customer simply logs in to your Wi-Fi via wireless social and their details are captured.

2. You learn who your customer is and what they like.

Wireless social captures details and breaks data down for precise targeting. Eg: millennials. You have their full social profile automatically.

This information is then transferred to your ResDiary database.

3. Send targeted marketing

You can then segment these customers further within your ResDiary database. Send them targeted emails through our marketing suite, add promotions and encourage repeat business.

Social growth is also facilitated by encouraging more likes and follows at the point of customer log-in.