ResDiary Plus release: 4.5


It’s almost the best day of the month. No, not payday, ResDiary Plus release day. Make sure you update to the latest version (4.5) here, and read up on all the exciting updates we’re releasing to make running your restaurant a whole lot smoother.

You will be able to update to version 4.5 from 24.8.18



Customer seating updates

We’ve updated the functionality for seating customers from ResDiary Plus and you can do it with just one tap. It’s also become much easier to update the meal status and close tables so you’re more aware of who’s on desserts, who’s on mains, and what tables you can fill next.


Restaurant ID inclusion

If you mainly use ResDiary on desktop, you’ll probably know that your diary number is located at the end of the URL in your browser. However, it wasn’t previously viewable in ResDiary Plus. Now it is. This means it’ll be to hand when you call us, saving you time answering our questions as we figure out who exactly you are. (We have 17 Red Lions….)


Improvements to availability search

If you want to break the rules and seat a booking of six on a table of two (should you have the authority, obviously), you now can. Previously, the iPad’s search function would only let you sit bookings on tables that held more than the reservation’s size. Go on, go wild you rebel you.


Drumroll…offline sync updates

We know, we know, the offline sync used to be a bit time-consuming when you went back online. It could often be a manual process to rejig bookings to overcome any conflicts that may have happened when you weren’t connected to the internet. Thankfully, our iPad developers have done some clever stuff and conflicts now go into “unallocated bookings”. This means that you can simply reallocate the reservations via drag and drop, and voila, you’re live again.

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