ResDiary’s 2019 hospitality trends

Last year was a big year for us and the industry in general, but now everyone’s total focus is on the year ahead.
We’ve got a big team of hospitality experts, all here to help your business succeed in a time where some aspects of the
industry are a bit uncertain. (Here’s lookin’ at you Brexit!)

So we sat down with our Co-CEO’s, Richard and, Colin, to pick their knowledgeable brains
on their predictions for the big trends of 2019 and onwards. We’ll be counting them up at the end of the year and the
person who has the least correct predictions (the loser) is paying for next year’s Christmas party.
It’s not a challenge to be taken lightly.

Colin – Chief Technical Officer

Colin has been with ResDiary since (almost) the beginning. He’s the main man behind our software and knows the hospitality tech industry like the back of his hand. A good gamble for winning this if you were a betting person…

In-app ordering

This is something that’s getting increasingly popular in casual dining restaurants and I think that more and more of these types of venues will move to in-app ordering this year. It’s useful for diners who want a quick, streamlined experience, and even better for venues who can scale up in terms of service, without spending a fortune on staffing. This also feeds into…

In-app payments

I think that this will become big for both paying for meals and for taking deposits and storing card details to stop no-shows. Apps are not something that are necessarily accessible for smaller venues but for chains like TGIs and Turtle Bay, it’s definitely something that will help optimise their profits.

Machine Learning

It’s been the buzzword in tech for a while, alongside Artificial Intelligence, but I can see the next year or so being really big for machine learning in hospitality. Machine learning is essentially where algorithms use data to make predictions on future behaviour, or to improve processes. For hospitality operators, this could bring improvements in their booking journeys and diner experiences, while helping them predict no-shows
and plan staffing.

Richard – Product Manager

Richard knows the ResDiary system, and the hospitality industry inside out, operating more than his fair share of fancy restaurants before joining the company. He’s always got his finger on the trends pulse. Watch out for this one: 

Food labelling

I read the story of the schoolgirl who died after eating a Pret sandwich with horror and I think the rest of the country felt the same. With these issues being so prominent in 2018, I can see food labelling and allergy awareness becoming a big 2019 focus. Restaurants will be forced to up their game with allergies and those who prepare early will be ahead of the curve.

Ghost restaurants

With rents increasing and delivery becoming more valued, I can see ghost kitchens becoming prevalent.
These venues don’t have actual sites, just kitchens where food is cooked for delivery. I think we’ll even see big kitchens open to service multiple ghost restaurants.

No-shows: the trend that won’t quit

We saw plenty of evidence over the Christmas period that no-shows aren’t going away. I think increasing numbers of venues will look into ways that no-shows can be stopped and more information will be gathered. We’re looking into ways to predict which customers will no-show and data like this will be hugely beneficial to venues.

And they both agree…


The overhaul of data protection and privacy legislation had a huge impact on business large and small in 2017 and 2018 and we can’t see it going away soon. Many people are still unsure about exactly what the GDPR means, and there will be some high profile wrist slappings coming up. As always with these things, it will result in a shift in the regulations, meaning restaurants will need to make changes. But we’re an adaptable industry and we’re sure it won’t be a problem for most operators.

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