Online bookings are a great tool but as long as you have a phone, some people are going to call you. It might be the older generation, who don’t quite trust computers yet, or just people who automatically hit the “call” button to make a booking.

So how do you know that you’re not missing bookings when you’re closed without diverting calls to your mobile and spoiling that work/life balance? Get an automated phone booking service.

At ResDiary, we launched ResPhone to curb these issues. You simply add it to your phone line and divert calls to ResPhone if you’re busy or closed.

How does ResPhone work?

1. Guest phones

  • Your restaurant is closed or you’re too busy to take the call.
  • The call is diverted to ResPhone after a certain amount of rings or at specified times.

2. Transferred to ResPhone

  • The customer makes their reservation using their keypad, quickly and easily.
  • ResPhone knows your availability, and can make a reservation directly into your diary.

3. Reservation made

  • Reservation is confirmed and the customer receives a text.
  • Never miss another booking again with ResPhone.

Try it for yourself today

To make a test reservation via ResPhone today, please call: 0207 7686 713.


Flat monthly fee of £35 + VAT per month / €40 per month with no per cover charges