In the last year, the amount of time that ResDiary users spend on our Reporting dashboard has grown by 59%.People are no longer just trying to get diners through the door and feeding them well, they’re using data to gauge their customers’ experiences, and improve on them. So it comes as no surprise that restaurateurs are increasingly using this data to improve their customer retention rates. With study after study showing that it’s cheaper to retain a diner than attract a new one, it makes sense for operators to put more efforts into their restaurant customer retention.


Our Customer Success Consultant, Julia, weighs in on her experiences and what ResDiary users are doing to improve retention rates:

“Recently, when I talk to venues, the conversation often turns to how to retain customers. Where venues used to be mainly focused on getting new diners through the door, they’re becoming increasingly switched on to how to get them to return.

When I worked in hospitality, from fine-dining to casual pub restaurants, regulars were the backbone of our business. They were the ones who came for dinner in January when no one else wanted to, who popped in on a quiet Tuesday for a bite, and who would spend the most money. So the figures in our ebook on customer retention in hospitality come as no surprise, telling us that it’s cheaper to retain customers than get new ones, and that loyal customers are more likely to have higher spend per head.

In my role as customer success consultant at ResDiary, I spend a lot of time working with venues who are increasingly using tech to help out with this. Whether it’s their booking system, their EPOS, or smart loyalty programs, growing your retention rates is becoming easier by the day.

It’s something we’ve always promoted at ResDiary; getting one-time-diners to become loyal customers, using smart industry tools that take the effort out of the process. 

That’s why we’ve we’ve spoken to our expert team inhouse, chatted to successful restaurateurs, and put together this ebook to guide you through the process.”

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