Restaurant deposits: secure your revenue

Take non-refundable restaurant deposits from your ResDiary system.

Taking restaurant deposits is fast becoming a way to secure up-front revenue as the hot topic of no-shows heats up. With operators reporting that up to 20% of reservations per evening fail to turn up, restaurateurs have turned to taking deposits through ResDiary to ensure they are not out of pocket at the end of a busy night.

restaurant deposits

Setting up

  • Operators set up parameters for when they want to take a restaurant deposit: certain dates, times, party sizes or events.
  • Amounts chargeable per person or booking can be specified and deposits can be altered depending on criteria.
  • Deposits can be taken only online or internally and certain groups (such as VIPs) can be excluded.
  • Members of staff can be given different authorities to override or edit deposits, depending on the occasion.
restaurant reservation system

How it works

  • The deposit is automatically taken at the point of reservation according to operator’s criteria.
  • Online reservations are not able to proceed without paying the deposit, and internally, only authorised staff can skip.
  • The deposit is recorded against the customer’s reservation for reference on the day of the booking.
  • Information on paid deposits is stored within ResDiary for reporting and reference purposes. (Note: neither ResDiary, nor individual venues have a record of the customer’s card details on file)
What does it cost?

What does it cost?

  • The facility to take deposits comes with every ResDiary package.
  • All you pay are the ResDiary and Stripe transaction fees.
  • If you are on the ResDiary Ultimate package, you only pay the Stripe fee of 1.4% +20p per transaction.

Watch the video:

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Stripe is the payment provider chosen by ResDiary

Plus one off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training to your package price