By Zopaash | Published on April 24th, 2017

Where to start?

In accordance with data protection laws, you must give people the option to unsubscribe from your emails. On the plus side, this ensures you focus on creating the best content you can.  Sending out boring messages and pointless or unreadable emails is a sure fire way to lose subscribers.

Take a look at our checklist on the best content to send to keep your contacts interested and engaged.

restaurant email marketing

Mobile optimisation

Recent studies show that the conversion rate of people searching for food on their smartphones and then making a booking is almost 90%.  Nearly 64% of these convert to a confirmed reservation within an hour of  their original search. When creating your emails, first make sure that they display correctly on mobile devices to get the best click-through rate.

restaurant email marketing

Email subject line - Dos and Don'ts

Subject lines and pre-headers are powerful and can make or break your email campaign.  A carefully thought-out subject line and header give emails a greater chance of dodging the spam folder and actually reaching your audience.

restaurant email marketing

The right message

Once you have your email list you need to draft content that will appeal to your audience and, most importantly, be read.

  • Change up your content – Bring some variety to your emails.  Send out special offers, new menus, competitions, tasting events, seasonal events or even announce a new site opening.
restaurant email marketing
  • Tone of voice – Think of the customers you’re targeting and what tone would resonate with them.  Try to write in this voice without forgetting about your brand personality.
  • Keep it short – According to a recent Microsoft study, attention spans are getting lower by the year so make sure your message is conveyed in the first few lines. Otherwise people are likely to get bored and move on….
  • Call to Action – Once you have the customers attention urge them to click through to your website or blog and ultimately, make that all-important booking.
  • Share the love – Include share buttons within your email, allowing people to share your content on their social channels or to others that might be interested.
restaurant email marketing

Sack the spam

Irrelevant, unsolicited messages sent to a large number of users are something we’re all accustomed to. Take the necessary steps to make sure your hard work sees the light of day and dodges the dreaded spam filter.

  • Over sending – Quality over quantity is the aim.  Have a look at your previous statistics, analyse your open rates and then decide when to strike.  Whether once a month or once a week, make sure your content is valuable to your audience.
  • Spam words – There are a whole host of words that can trigger a spam filter: click here, free, help, winner and reminder are all words that scream “spam”. Refrain from using these.
  • Imagery – Large images or an abundance of images in an email can be considered spammy by filters. Follow MailChimp’s good practice guide and keep your email content minimal and to the point.
  • Unsubscribe – Make sure you include an unsubscribe link in your email. If you don’t spam filters will throw up a red flag, greatly influencing your email reach.
  • Test it – Before sending, test your emails and avoid them being sent to the spam folder.

Now that you’ve got a great database and the basic content sorted, it’s time to look at why you’re sending the email. Perhaps you’re just a chatty person, but it’s more likely that you want to increase reservations. Next week’s blog will cover incentivising your customers to reserve a table and the best ways to go about this.

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