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Get verified feedback using ResDiary

By Zopaash | Published on February 13th, 2017

Constructive feedback is a great way to ensure that your food and service are the best that they can be, and help you improve your service.

If you’re looking for a restaurant feedback app, there are many out there, but most can’t tell you if the customer definitely dined with you, which can cause issues with malicious reviews. Sites like TripAdvisor have multiple complaints that customers will try to extort money off bills by threatening to leave bad reviews that will damage the business.

Enter ResDiary reviews

  • With ResDiary’s restaurant feedback app, you can collect verified reviews, direct from your diary, safe in the knowledge that the customer has definitely visited your venue.
  • Post-dining emails are sent out after every booking, asking the customer to rate your service, food and atmosphere. What’s more, these emails can be customised so that they fit with your venue’s branding.
  • All reviews are collated and help you to rise up the rankings on This information also feeds into your Google My Business listing, giving casual browsers an overview of your venue.
restaurant feedback app

Respond and take action

Now you’ve received some verified ResDiary reviews, you can take action!

  • Thank diners for their great feedback, or alternatively address any concerns to help win over disgruntled customers.
  • Our restaurant feedback app tracks back to the reservation so you can see where the customer was sitting and who was serving them.
  • Customers can only make one review per booking with a unique link that becomes invalid after one response.

Embed a feedback widget on your site

As a ResDiary customer, you have the opportunity to show off your great ResDiary reviews on your site. Simply talk to our support team, or watch the tutorial to find out how you can show a live feed of your most recent reviews to potential diners on your site.