In our last post on restaurant no-shows, we talked about what you can do to curb them, and the best practices for protecting your revenue.

Now you have all the tools under your belt so you know how to protect yourself against no-shows.

But what shouldn’t you be doing in the fight against no-shows?

Be reactive

restaurant no-shows

We know. It’s so tempting to take to social media and post a rant. Shout it out there and let people know how annoyed you are. We’ve all done it. But it’s important to remember that you are running a business and you’ve probably spent a while building up your customer following online.

Yes, you likely have many loyal customers who come regularly but how many of them really follow the #stopnoshows hashtag, or read The Caterer and are aware how prevalent the issue is? The number will be small. To them, you’re just having a rant, and it can be off-putting. Be reactive, rather than pro-active, with our top tips, and these rants will become a thing of the past.

Last-minute deals

Friday is looking worryingly quiet. You’ve got 30% less bookings than last year and you need to fill the place up. Stick on a 50% deal and promote it through Facebook and a deal website, right? Perhaps not.

The issue with deals like this is that there’s no loyalty to your venue here. These guests are visiting because they’re getting it cheap, not because they think your product is great. So they’re less likely to feel bad about not turning up.

Better to use your ResDiary mailing system to pull off a report of guests who visit you regularly. Segment this database however you like, frequent visitors, big spenders, people who have never no-showed, and send them an email with an incentive to book in, using our advanced promotions and channels features. Free glass of prosecco for every guest? 10% off voucher for their next visit?

We’d turn up.

Advanced promotions

Getting block happy 

It’s a great feature that most reservation systems have, but the block feature can be dangerous. While it’s really tempting to hit the button in the heat of the moment, it is important to hold back. The customer may genuinely have forgotten about their booking, a family emergency could have happened, or perhaps they even imagined they had cancelled.

It’s no excuse, but stuff happens. Within ResDiary, you can check how many times someone has visited and how many times they’ve no-showed. If they’re regular customers and first offenders, it’s worth dropping them an email to see what happened.

Restaurant no-shows: how can ResDiary help?

At ResDiary we have an in-house team, dedicated to supporting you in setting up all the features we’ve mentioned above. For setting up payments, your ResDiary Helpdesk has a whole host of articles and videos to help you on your way.

Looking to customise your emails? Drop us a line and our expert coders will make them look gorgeous.

Want to set up SMS? Get yourself a Silverstreet account.

For anything else, just get in touch.

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