Restaurant reporting: a guide

While “big data” often gets a bad name, properly using the reporting facilities you have available to extract useful data can be great for your business.

As the American engineer W. Edwards Deming said: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Using the tech at your disposal can give you information on what days are busy to help with staffing, food wastage levels, what type of people no-show, and much more. And all of this information can really help you increase your revenue and streamline your operations.

Customer Success Glasgow


Our Customer Success Manager, Andy, tells you about how he helps ResDiary users leverage their reporting:

“Increasingly, restaurateurs are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to using reporting. Gone are the days when your reservations were kept in a paper diary, orders were placed over the phone, and stock-takes were done on excel spreadsheets. As we move to ever-more connected technology, the opportunities for insights are endless. In  ResDiary alone we have over 40 customisable reports, telling venues everything from no-show rates to their average table duration. And all of these can be used to gain insights into how to grow your business.”

That’s why we’ve spoken to our Hospitality Consultant team, the analytics guys, some of our lovely operators, and put together this guide to show you all the ways reporting can help your business.

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