By Zopaash | Published on April 4th, 2017

Everyone wants to make sure that their restaurant website contains the basics to boost business and make life easier for their customers. Once that has been achieved though, it’s time to ramp up the fun, while ensuring you’re not driving potential customers crazy.

Check out our checklist of dos and don’ts for any self-respecting, next-level website.



restaurant website dos and don'ts

A LookBook/Food Gallery

Be visual, show off your food.  Having good quality pictures on your website not only helps diners but potential partners to share images on their social channels.

restaurant website dos and don'ts


Video content is increasingly popular but the cost of doing it properly can be a pain.  If it is within your restaurant’s reach, utilise it.  Create snippets of your chef bringing delicious dishes to life or capture the restaurant atmosphere.

Function enquiry

A big earner for many restaurants are special events or large party bookings. If customers can enquire about events online, this leads to greater awareness of the service in turn helping with profit growth.

restaurant website dos and don'ts

Location based personalisation

For businesses that have multiple restaurants, using location based personalisation can work well.  Diners can  see your nearest establishment based on their location and you can personalise offerings based on the area.

restaurant website dos and don'ts

What to avoid

We know the do’s but what about the dont’s?  Have a look at what you should be avoiding when it comes to your company website.

restaurant website dos and don'ts

Flash animations
Did you know that iPhones and iPads can’t playback Flash-based animations or videos?  This problem can be worked around but save yourself the trouble and use simple HTML based sites instead.

Background music
Annoying and dated background music tends to be received badly.  Some customers may not be in the comfort of their own homes when browsing your site, imagine sitting on the bus and  out of date music starts blaring from your phone. Embarrassing, and resulting in a lost customer.

Before you add any element or feature to your website it’s best to ask yourself if this helps the user make the decision to book at your restaurant. This is the sole purpose of your website and adding flashy gimmicks often hinders the user experience, in the end, hurting your business.

restaurant website dos and don'ts

If you’re not a tech whizz, all of this can seem a bit daunting. See next weeks post on what ResDiary can do to make your life easier and your website better.

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