“A restaurant without a website is like fish without chips.” Alone they work, but together they make a perfect pair!  We believe a website not only compliments your restaurant in a variety of ways, from raising your profile to showcasing your wares, but can ultimately help you win more customers.

What kind of websites are out there?

Depending on your budget and what you want from your website, there are a variety of options available to you. If you are looking for an attractive design at an affordable price, a pre-designed website would be a good option for you.

With a pre-designed site, you choose a website template that can be tailored to reflect your logo, colour scheme, images and content. Typically a website design will include different layouts for the different sections of your site – your homepage design would be different from the menu page; and the blog page will be different from the page which delivers your contact details. You may have heard of the popular ones, such as Wix and Squarespace, which are widely advertised, easy to use and low cost .

Restaurant website must-haves

It is important to bear in mind that your website may be the first point of contact for potential diners, so make sure it’s in-keeping with your brand and offering. Don’t leave your customers in the dark. Ensure your website clearly shows your company contact details including email, contact number and location.  It might seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many restaurants fail to display this simple information.  Also to keep it consistent, remember to make sure these details are accurate and up to date on other microsites you appear on such as Google, Yelp or Tripadvisor.

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  • Opening hours
    Clearly displayed opening hours on your site will increase the chances of diners visiting.  Potential customers need to know if your venue will be open when they arrive, or the uncertainty could turn them to another venue.
  • Be part of the mobile movement
    Three in five people searching for restaurants on their mobile have no particular place in mind when they begin their search. However, 64% of mobile searches result in a reservation being made within an hour. Therefore, your venue must look good enough on a smartphone to catch their eye in the crowd.
  • Keep it fresh
    Quite clearly the most important part of any restaurant, food menus should be proudly visible on your website.  Entice diner tastebuds with a clearly laid out menu and remember to include the pricing to give diners an idea of what to expect.  Don’t forget to include information relating to dietary requirements gluten/dairy/veg etc.

Website dos and don’ts

Everyone wants to make sure that their restaurant website contains the basics to boost business and make life easier for their customers. Once that has been achieved though, it’s time to ramp up the fun, while ensuring you’re not driving potential customers crazy. Think adding a food gallery, videos, and location based personalisation if you have multiple venues. Now for the things you should steer away from,  flash animations, background music and gimmicks could end up hurting your business so we’d recommend you stay away from these.

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