Ticketing and Pre-payments

Are you a busy venue that wants to take full payment upfront? Sell tickets via ResDiary with customisable email confirmations acting as a ticket to the hottest seat in town.


Want to secure your revenue without taking full payment upfront? Deposits could be the answer. Fully customisable by date, time, party size and event, deposits help to end your no-show issues.

Restaurant ticketing

ResDiary Tokenization

Deter money draining no-shows by securely storing customer card details, known as Tokenization.

restaurant no-shows


Stripe is ResDiary’s chosen payment provider. Fully PCI compliant, Stripe lets you process all your online payments through ResDiary.

tokenization stripe https

Gift Vouchers

Sell and redeem gift vouchers, directly from ResDiary.

Restaurant Analytics

With an at-a-glance dashboard and a full reporting suite, ResDiary can get as deep as you need us to be.

Advanced Promotions

Optimise your restaurant’s yield and reduce the need for external ‘deal’ websites with advanced promotion settings from ResDiary.