What have the Scots ever done for us?

Here at ResDiary we’re extremely proud of our Scottish heritage. A country of rolling hillscapes, men working the land and the odd overindulgence on the national tipple, right? Well yes, but also a nation of industrious inventors, visionaries and hard workers. We’ve given the world whisky, bagpipes and the kilt (it’s named after the fate of the last man who called it a skirt) but it’s in the technology game that the Scots have always excelled.

Forget Apple, we were leaders of the innovation pack 150 years ago. Scotland’s own Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 and John Logie Baird changed the face of a cosy night in forever with the first television in 1922.

Now, from our Glasgow-based head office, ResDiary is focused on providing a world class reservation system that will revolutionise a great night out. We’re an inventive bunch with industrious Scottish values and a global outlook. ResDiary.scot is an ode to all things Scottish and our journey from humble beginnings to world reservation domination.

Did ye, aye?

Mike Conyers, ResDiary’s CEO founded the company in 2006 after realising there was no table reservation system that fitted the needs of his own restaurants. Working seven days a week, and using Russian software developers who had a tenuous grasp of the English (never mind Scots) language, it was an uphill struggle. However, unlike the best laid plans of mice and men, things took off and ResDiary gained traction, firstly in Scotland and then in the rest of the UK.

Now ResDiary is in 60 countries around the world and has offices in London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Auckland to name but a few. A world-leader in reservation software, the system carries on the Scottish tradition of innovation, constantly developing and changing according to the needs of its users.

Crackin’ scran

Living in a land of rain a-plenty our ingredients can be pretty fantastic, giving us a world-class choice of dishes. With more and more “field to fork” and local produce ventures appearing, Scotland is gaining traction in the foodie community. We’re delighted to have many of the top chefs in the country using ResDiary, maximising their efficiency with our advanced table management and online bookings.

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