By Zopaash | Published on August 25th, 2017

Part Four - SEO

Ox and Finch is a great example of Search Engine Optimisation done right.  Keep on reading our SEO case study on Glasgow based restaurant Ox and Finch, to find out what you should be doing to ensure you come up top on Google search results.

Quality links
Ox and Finch are also building up quality links.  If we look at this example from The Guardian, again a credible news source, they give a thorough review with two clickable links that go straight to the restaurant’s website.

seo case study

Maximising local search
By filling in all their relevant information on Google My Business, Ox and Finch have put themselves in good stead for a high ranking on Google Search.

seo case study

Google Image Search
Just like Lima, Google Image Search brings up results from many different sources, through bloggers to news portals. The link to Google My Business also brings up good quality food images that show their restaurant in the best possible light.

seo case study

The word “Michelin” holds weight in the restaurant business and is a strong signal of a good quality restaurant to the customer. By looking at their website description we can see they have added their address, which is helpful for local SEO. The restaurant description also lets customers know what to expect;  relaxed, sharing dining tells customers what to expect when eating here.

seo case study

Ox and Finch also have linked their account to Google+, which improves their ranking and shows their reviews.

seo case study

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