Built for restaurateurs by restaurateurs, ResDiary’s commission-free, cloud-based system is created to help you
maximise your tables while creating a smooth customer journey.



Efficient table management 

With three views so you can pick your preference, ResDiary lets you add rules to stop tables or times being sold incorrectly, and helps you sell your space in the best order. Then allocate sections to staff members to track their performances. 

Secure your bookings 

There’s nothing worse than no-shows, so our payments tools help you deter them through securely storing card details, processing deposits, or taking payment. It’s all done through PCI-compliant provider, Stripe and is completely secure.  

Reach out to guests 

Marketing is vital for a successful hospitality business. Which is why ResDiary’s tools help you send smart, branded marketing emails and SMS via Silverstreet. And it all happens as we build your GDPR-compliant database in the background. 

Manage events enquiries

ResDiary’s events management feature allows your restaurant to take large party enquiries online, track, convert and manage them. Never overbook or underbook a space, with real-time updates and availability. 

Harness your data 

Want to track your high spenders or see what proportion of diners return? Track guest behaviours, see overall trends, and drill down into the nitty gritty with our data and CRM capabilities. Then use the information to create smart campaigns and maximise your operations. 

Control your channels 

ResDiary’s Channel Management tool lets you control where, when, and how many reservations are taken via your authorised channels. Take bookings from our Affiliate Partner Network, other third parties, or your social media, and track what’s working through our reporting suite.