By Zopaash | Published on May 26th, 2017

It’s a well known fact that people eat with their eyes, so feed their appetite with some gorgeous pictures of your restaurant. Instagram lends itself perfectly to the creation of low cost, high quality photographs of food and drinks, behind the scenes shots and attractive waiting staff! All it takes is a good eye and a little imagination to create a buffet of visual delights for your followers. Here are a few different ideas you can consider before uploading your photos:

  • Show your products – Feature amazing food, cocktails and gorgeous outdoor areas bathed in sunlight to show people enjoying your restaurant. Use a range of content and begin to narrow it down when you see what gets the biggest interaction from your followers. Giggling Squid restaurants (pictured below) do a great job of showing off their wares.
  • Create a board- Sometimes it’s fun to treat Instagram like a series of tiles that combine to show a big image. This is great for a teaser campaign and showcasing amazing venue photography. Check out @brixtonrooftop for inspiration.
  • Create short videos – Moving pictures are the future: with Instagram you can film, edit and apply filters to videos to make some unique content. This works particularly well for teasers of new products.
  • Filters – Consider using a similar filter/set of edits across your Instapics to create a strong brand look or identity. Take a look at fashion brands Soxy or NicceLondon for some examples.
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Caption this
So, you have your beautiful image and now you just need a clever caption to accompany it. Craft your captions carefully as they can be as important as the image itself. Some people tend to follow certain accounts just because of their funny posts and witty or engaging captions.  
 Take a look at MEATliquor who include a cheeky caption with a few hashtags to increase post reach. 

It’s All about the #hashtags
We wouldn’t dare to hazard a guess on how many millions of hashtags are used on Instagram. One thing we are sure of though; they’re one of the most effective ways of using social media marketing to get your content in front of your desired audience. Using them properly is also a great way to grow your Instagram following:

  • Create hashtags which are unique to your brand and use them around a specific campaign. This will develop interaction with your brand.
  • Increase the reach of your posts by using a combination of hashtags, your unique ones and those related to the broader interests of your audience. Also try hashtagging locations and cities and combining them with an audience interest e.g #LondonFoodie
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Tagging – Geo Tags & tagging subjects
GeoTags or location tags assign places to your photos, helping your followers locate where they were taken. With GeoTags, the location is added to a map making it much easier for followers to find you. Really useful for tapping into a local user base.


Extra Tools and Tips

Instagram stories
These stories allow users to post photos or videos that disappear within 24 hours.  Take your Instagram followers on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen, or use your story to make a special announcement.

Boomerang is Instagram’s stand-alone app that takes bursts of photos which turn into a mini video (similar to an animated GIF).  They loop back and forth and can be engaging and hilarious. Content like this is often shared and commented on by other users and is great for gaining customer engagement. Post up a Boomerang accompanied with a strong mix of hashtags and a location to gain maximum brand exposure. Action shots and special moments work really well. E.g blowing out candles or popping a cork.

User generated content
Get customers to upload their favourite photos of your wares and link them together with a common hashtag.  This type of social media marketing will help you others locate your campaign and you can see how well it is doing.

Simple practices can have a huge impact on the growth of your Instagram account. Try following similar accounts, leaving comments on content, replying to comments and reposting images.  You can easily repost or “Regram” content using the repost app for Instagram.

How often to post
Ezcater say you should “aim for 1-2 posts a day, but be sure to maintain the same cadence moving forward”. 

The little details
Check out your images for off-putting details before you post them. No one wants to see blue roll or a chef in dirty whites in the background, no matter how captivating the foreground.

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What ResDiary can do for you:
Our team of in-house content and social media marketing experts can offer you the following services to help get noticed on Instagram and Twitter:

  • Commission free booking links: ResDiary’s online reservation links can be posted anywhere on your social media and are completely commission-free.
  • Repost your content: we have a large social media following and we’re always happy to get new content. Let us know if you have anything exciting happening and we’ll put it on our channels.
  • Competitions: We can run competitions promoting your restaurant on our platforms to increase your brand exposure and clicks to your microsite.
  • Training: Our expert team will be happy to show you round the basics (and the advanced) of social media with sessions geared towards your business goals.

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