Social Media

With most of your target customers being social media users, call-to-actions on the most-used platforms are important. With ResDiary you can take commission-free reservations through your social media channels and report on your success in the ResDiary system.


Let your Facebook followers make a commission-free reservation into your restaurant diary straight from your Facebook page. With Facebook’s new ‘Call to Action’ buttons, you can now add a ‘Reserve Now’ button to your Facebook business page. Linking the button to your mobile optimised ResDiary microsite gives your customers an easy, quick way to make the reservation, and a smooth reservation experience – without disrupting them from browsing your food pictures and staff selfies!

They’ll get an instant reservation and an email confirmation of their reservation. You can also report on these reservations to see where your reservations come from. All reservations are commission free and no cover charges.

You can add your unique ResDiary Microsite URL to your ‘Reserve Now’ call to action – and make it easy for your Facebook followers to place their reservations with ease.

Test it out


You can use Twitter to promote your restaurant in a number of ways, and to gain commission free reservations. For example: to herald new menus, offers, or advertise special events. Your diners can also now reserve into your restaurant through Twitter. Just follow the few easy steps to set this up.

  • Whilst in the ResDiary platform, select PROMOTE then MICROSITE
  • Copy your unique ResDiary Microsite URL
  • Paste the full URL link into (This will shorten the URL)
  • Click shorten URL. The Shortened URL will appear with the option to copy. Select ‘Copy’.
  • Paste the link into your Tweet. The link can then be sent to your followers allowing them to retweet your message to make a reservation. We recommend posting this link every time you tweet a message to your followers to encourage increased online reservations directly from Twitter.

Plus one off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training to your package price