By Gary | Published on July 12th, 2017

Important information regarding Stripe Payments and HTTPS

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Critical notice for users who take payments and have ResDiary widgets embedded on their websites.

The way Stripe is processing payments is changing. To continue taking payments via a widget on your website it is absolutely vital that you have a valid SSL certificate (https) on your website . If you do not have https in your website URL, then you do not have an SSL Certificate, and need to obtain one in order to keep using the ResDiary Widget when taking card details from your diners.

 If your website has a certificate and has https in the URL, then you are PCI compliant.

Please contact your website administrator and notify them that you absolutely need to:

  1. Obtain an SSL Certificate
  2. Attach the Certificate to the website
  3. Setup redirects from http:// URL’s to https://

In the interim, ResDiary will make all Widgets which are embedded in websites without certificates redirect to the ResDiary booking portal. This is in order to keep your operations running smoothly while you obtain a certificate.



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Questions you may have:

What is an SSL Certificate?  An SSL Certificate binds your domain name, with the website, and certifies it is indeed owned by your organisation.

Why do I need one?  An SSL Certificate helps ensure the security of your website. This is especially important if you take payments, even if that’s through a payment provider, and especially through your ResDiary widget.

If you have any other questions. Please contact ResDiary support. ->
tokenization stripe https

More Information

Some sources of helpful information for you.

  • 5 Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website. Written by Amanda Zantal-Wiener. Read more.
  • Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. Discover it here
  • For more information on Certificates and HTTPS, please read the official Google post on Why HTTPS Matters.