ResDiary’s integration with iPad-based point of sale software SumUp, makes service simple for all types of restaurant businesses. Using ResDiary alongside SumUp allows you to organise your staff and tables with ease and on the go, so that every service goes smoothly. Create your customised table plan as well as allocate specific sections of your restaurant to different staff members so you can operate efficiently as a team. During service, you can also keep an eye on ongoing orders via your iPad, with a clear overview of any order changes or updates all in real-time.

The SumUp and ResDiary integration is end-to-end, meaning whatever you do on one platform will be updated accordingly on the other. For example, if you accommodate last-minute, walk-in customers, registering this info with SumUp will also update the grid or table view on your ResDiary account.

SumUp is passionate about their work and proud to be supporting the growth of retail, hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses across the UK, Ireland and select corners of the globe.

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