ResDiary mobile management

Sometimes you need to check your diary when you’re out and about and a laptop or tablet just isn’t practical. Sometimes you’re a bit of a control freak who likes to know exactly what is going on in your venue at all times. Which is why we created the ResDiary mobile view so you have 24/7 access from to your table management system, from your mobile phone.

ResDiary Plus

Enjoy control even on your days off!

Our mobile table management view gives operators their freedom back, allowing access to key functionality in their diary anytime, any place from their mobile device. No need to log in to the main diary, simply login from your mobile and see exactly what is going on. No internet connection? No problem, ResDiary’s management view allows you to see all your reservations and close off online bookings straight from your phone.

Best off all, access is completely free with a ResDiary account.

Features of the management view:

  • Review all online reservations instantly.
  • Works on all devices.
  • Get an easy split view of future bookings and current bookings.
  • Manage your restaurant bookings by service and control your online availability in the palm of your hand.
  • Access the helpdesk directly from the mobile view.

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Plus one off charge of £59 + VAT for setup & online training to your package price