We’ve found the missing link

ResDiary profiles are amazing. They let you store a wealth of information on your guests, from how they like their steak cooked, to whether they had a bad experience last month and they need some special treatment. The one thing that’s been missing is a physical link to that guest, online. So we fixed that. We can’t do much about the extinction of dinosaurs, but we can do something about this missing link.

Living in an online age, links are becoming more and more important. A huge amount of useful information about your customers is publicly available through their social profiles and websites, and being able to access that from their guest profile is invaluable.

Why is this so valuable?

Well imagine an extremely loyal customer visits fairly often but you have some new staff. Wouldn’t it be great to have their LinkedIn account listed on their VIP-listed guest profile so staff will always know what they look like? It probably would. This can also work for other profiles like Twitter or Facebook pages and helps you identify guests as they arrive, letting you recieve them warmly or greeting them by name.

Having these links listed can also be hugely valuable if you run a loyalty scheme outwith your ResDiary. You can link through to the customer’s profile on your loyalty scheme, from their ResDiary profile, saving you questioning them and searching for their profile each time they visit.

No matter how you use these links, they’re great ways to ensure your guests have the best possible experience when they visit your venue.

Don't be a fossil, set it up!