The reviews are in!

By ResDiary | Published on January 17th, 2017

Everyone’s a critic these days and you can’t swing a cat without hitting an online review. From the ‘which?’ cotton bud guide to in depth scrutinies of top restaurants, product enthusiasts, listeners and diners are now voicing their opinions more than ever. Why has the user review become so prominent in the digital landscape and how does the ResDiary Review system benefit your restaurant?

Why reviews matter to customers

The online reputation and perception of your business to potential consumers is a key benefit of displaying reviews. Online reviews are now taken into account by a staggering 92% of local businesses’ customers, with 87% discounting a business with a low rating. It’s a common belief that potential customers will listen to opinions from people they know rather than strangers online. However, 72% of consumers say they now trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. (We all know how terrible our friend’s tastes can be, after all.)


How reviews help the ranking of your restaurant on Google

After doing a bit of research, we noticed that restaurants accepting reviews are much more likely to show on the Google Knowledge Graph. This is the little box of information that will often pop up at the right hand side of Google searches – and if the ResDiary reviews are featured Google very kindly provides a hyperlink straight through to the restaurant’s ResDiary microsite on

With 89% of diners doing research on venues before they visit, the Knowledge Graph gives extra details at a glance, while a good web presence lends credibility to a business. Taking reviews also help the venue’s ResDiary microsite to show up on the first page of Google searches; it’s a one-click-link to a live reservation page.

Still not convinced? Here are some examples from a great ResDiary client, Porter and Rye who are successfully using their reviews to populate the Google Knowledge graph, rank higher and drive more incremental business.

ResDiary Now GIF

What you need to do to benefit in two easy steps

  1. Switch on ResDiary reviews and begin getting verified customer reviews from real diners. Its a free service and drives incremental business! Find out more here.
  2. Switch on availability up to 1hr before visit time – see our how to guide here. Switching on this availability in your diary will enable you to appear in ‘Google reservations’ on the Knowledge Graph and in searches on our brand new iPhone app for diners ‘ResDiary Now’. Get the app on iTunes here


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