Top 10 Reports in ResDiary

By | Published on February 13th, 2017

All reports can be exported to CSV and viewed within Excel. With many of the reports you can customise the information that is displayed in the columns.


Booking Report

The booking report is flexible and enables you to choose the necessary information that you require to be displayed.

For example, the booking report offers you the flexibility to view all bookings over a certain period of time or you can be far more specific. Perhaps you only want to view bookings that are due to visit your restaurant on Valentine's night, that booked online and are seated within a particular area within your restaurant – with the booking report this is very easy to display.

Customer list Report

Wondering how many customers are within your database and are your staff collecting the correct information when entering bookings? You can use the customer list report to quickly see your full customer list with all details that have been captured; such as their full name, email address, mobile phone number etc. You can also search the customer list by visit date, booking date or by register date.

RFM – Recency Frequency Report

This report can be very powerful if you have Epos integration with ResDiary. The report focuses on 3 elements:

Recency – How many days has it been since the customer last dined with you?
Frequency – How many times has the customer visited your restaurant?
Monetary value - How much did the customer spend?

You can change the values within each of the three elements above. Once the lists are generated, you can then save these lists and use for marketing purpose.

Customer Spend Report

If you have Epos integration with ResDiary, then you can utilise this report to give you an overview of the most profitable days, best tables and customers that spend the most per visit. Within the customer spend report you can select to view the data depending on; the total spend for date, the total spend for customer or the total spend for table over your chosen period of calendar dates.

Vouchers Sold

The vouchers sold report gives you access to all details associated with any vouchers sold via ResDiary. The information that is displayed includes; the voucher number, reference number, customer information, billing details and delivery details.

Feedback Report

This report displays all feedback that has been submitted using the integrated ResDiary feedback system. All of the customer’s details can be viewed along with any further comments they may have left. Within this report you can respond to the customer and/or you can ‘flag’ the review to be removed.

Booking Source Report

The booking source report gives you an insight into the bookings received from all channels, such as; online, twitter, bookresdiary etc. You can specify to view the booking statistics from one particular channel or view the data from all booking channels in one report.

Promotion Report

This report is very useful as you can quickly get an overview of the promotions that have been sold over the selected period of time. It is particularly useful if you have many promotions running at the same time, as this report can give you an insight to the promotions that have been most and least successful.

Menu Report

The Menu report displays the menus that have been selected or sold over a selected period of time. This report is useful to gain an insight to the most popular menus and to also use the information when creating marketing lists/campaigns. For example, if you are promoting a new ‘pre-theatre’ menu then you can easily target those customers that selected the ‘pre-theatre’ menu over the last months.

No-show Report

We are sure that every restaurateur wants to know who the ‘No-Shows’ are and especially if there is a repeating pattern with particular customers. The customer has to be marked as a ‘no-show’ for this information to display in the report.

You can access this report for your whole group of restaurants or you can select to view the no-shows for an individual restaurant. The full booking details and visit dates is displayed within the report.