Don’t go off-grid: follow the rules

Why the gridview on ResDiary is the only way to turn tables effectively!


The primary reason ResDiary was built was to control the booking abilities of reservationists, hotel receptionists and part time staff members. Nothing is more frustrating for a manager or business owner than bookings being taken at the wrong times, tables mis-allocated or a busy service undersold. The advent of ResDiary sought to eradicate these issues.  

When a business opens an account with us, we do all we can to ensure their diary makes ‘decisions’ like a venue’s best manager would. Our expert team set up all the information to build a diary template; tables, table joins, table rankings, opening times, optimal yield numbers, user permissions and floor plans. By doing this, we take the inbuilt knowledge of a great team member and programme it into ResDiary.

This inbuilt information means that when a reservationist hits the “book” button, hundreds of processes are started in order to maximise capacity. By using our grid view and the book button, reservationists and other people who don’t physically work in the venue get a clear overview of that particular day.

We recently heard that some reservationists were having difficulties using ResDiary as they weren’t able to work out where certain tables should be placed, making it hard to maximise profits. After a bit of research, we discovered they were using the table plan view to make future bookings, going off-grid.

The table plan view was made to give staff and managers a snapshot view of what is currently happening in their restaurant. The table plan is supposed to be used during a service, not to plan one. It’s why we developed our in-service iPad app in the table plan view; to run a smooth service.

So we decided to have a chat with our friends at Tablebook. me to see what their suggestions were. are a third party reservations company who answer calls and take bookings for some of the best restaurants in the UK. They are known as market leaders in their field and renowned for their professionalism and ability to perfectly fill a restaurant.

Charlotte Missenden, the founder and director of told us she recommends ResDiary to all of her clients because of how well the grid-view works for future booking. Some other systems only have a floorplan, hampering their ability to achieve full yield at peak times.  She said,

We use ResDiary across a huge number of venues, in a centralised manner, working in a separate location to the restaurants we are servicing. A single reservationist will answer calls for 20 different venues, senior reservationists and reservations managers can handle up to 50 or 60.Our staff are not allowed to book from the floor plan. We book from the grid – as we believe this is the only way to turn tables effectively to ensure maximum ROI on each seat in your venues.”

Charlotte and her team have decades of hospitality experience and through this she has noted that most electronic booking systems do not allow for detailed floorplans. This is because,

“They aren’t necessary and no one wants or needs them. We do not recommend the use of the floorplan to book for any electronic reservation system .”

The fact that ResDiary has a comprehensive grid view and a table plan (as well as a clever list view) means that future bookings can be planned properly, and a busy service can be run perfectly. Put simply, ResDiary improves yield over any other system but like any software, it needs to be used according to how it was designed. 

So reservationists, put down the ipad, fire up your web browser and get yourself back on grid.