Using ResDiary to generate revenue


During these challenging times many venues are finding ways to keep their business alive. At ResDiary we want to support you every step of the way. This blog is packed with creative ideas and ways to use ResDiary to help support your venue when setting up a delivery service, or selling vouchers.

Delivery and collection

We are currently working with our customers to help facilitate food collection and deliveries with our Pre-Order functionality. This will be free of charge for customers until the end of June 2020. Find out all you need to know and how to set this up here.

Some of the ways venues are using the Pre-Order functionality:

The Gannet, Glasgow – used Pre-Orders to take deliveries of comfort food that diners could reheat in their homes. For each meal purchased, they decided to give another to someone in the local community. In their Pre-Order request email, which you can change to fit your own branding, they also sent information about their crowdfunding page to help raise money for their team.

Carluccio’s – used Pre-Orders for collection or takeaway, they created bespoke emails using their own branding and included contact information if customers had any questions.

Bar Azita Harpenden – used Pre-Orders to allow diners to book a collection slot. They offered discounted rates on certain days, and set the customers expectations in the Pre-Order request email. They outlined that they would keep in touch with the customer if any problems arose and what communications would go out at each stage of the journey.


Vouchers and gift cards

Encourage diners to buy a voucher or a gift card to use at a later date. This is a great way to secure revenue in these uncertain times. Sell vouchers with ResDiary and all proceeds will go directly into your account (excluding Stripe fees). See more information on how to sell vouchers with ResDiary here.

Here are some venues that already use ResDiary’s voucher system. 

Judge Roy Beans – you have the option to choose different voucher amounts and the number of vouchers. 

The Half Moon in Kirdford – have a limited number of vouchers you can choose from but you can mix and match the amount of vouchers you wish to purchase. They’ve set up a vouchers page with a pop up to buy the vouchers, which you can ask your web developer to do. 


ABQ Paris – has a one page website, if you click Gift Voucher at the top it scrolls down to the bottom of the page where the vouchers are. They’ve also added a description to their vouchers. They let you know that it’s valid for three months, and you get 3 cocktails on top of the voucher. Instead of having all the information about the voucher in the terms and conditions.

60 Hope Street, Liverpool – created a clean, simple page with four voucher options, encouraging diners, whatever their budget, to buy a voucher, ranging from £10 to £75.

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