Valentine’s Day: top tips

Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day of the year for diners to book a meal and you need to make the most of it in your restaurant.  The ResDiary Customer Success team have penned some heartfelt top tips to help you give your diners the perfect dinner date, and make Valentine’s Day a success for your restaurant. #StaySuccessful

Be ready

Anyone who dates online knows that having the perfect profile is key to securing a partner. The same applies to restaurants attracting potential diners. Get ahead of your competition by making sure your Valentine’s content such as menus, offers, and romantic table settings are easy to see and book ahead of time.

Cover all the bases for the perfect diner seduction, create a dedicated Valentine’s page on your website, make sure you have uploaded the menu and promotions to your ResDiary Microsite, and that you’re promoting them across your social media channels in advance.

Keep the good times rolling

Valentine’s falls on a Friday this year, we all know that lovers live for the weekend, but you might also get some mid-week bookings. We recommend running the same Valentine’s promotions across the week to maximise your return from this special time of year 

Don’t forget about the single people

Who says love is purely reserved for couples? In recent years the rise of #Galentines and anthems like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” have ushered in alternative Valentine’s celebrations for groups of single friends who want to go out and celebrate. So why not join in the trend with a “Menage a Trois?” style offer like three meals for the price of two to entice larger groups of diners in?

Get ahead of the game

The dating game is fraught with pitfalls and game playing (“Will they text back?”, “Is the ball in my court?”). However, you can cut out some of the stress by forward planning. If you’ve already done your set up and table plan for 2019, it will only take a few minutes to copy these over for Valentine’s 2020, 2021 etc. Simply re-set your segment or promotions to automatically roll over, freeing you up to get back to composing that perfect text back.


ResDiary Online Reservation system

Stripe – Don’t be left alone

Valentine’s Day is the highest no-show date of the year, protect yourself from heartbreak by asking for card details or deposits up front and securing your revenue with payments via Stripe. Read More

Throw out the rule book

Is your Valentine’s all about the 2’s? If the answer is yes,  consider switching off your ‘Rules’ to allow your 4-tops to have tables of 2 booked on to them. Read More

A split could be a good thing…

Can your 4-tops separate into 2×2’s? Create a new Segment to split those 4’s into a more romantic setting in your restaurant. Read More 

Watch our handy set up video guides

This easy-to-follow playlist of tutorials has everything you need to get your restaurant set up for any special occasions.

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