Verified Feedback with ResDiary

Gain valuable and verified feedback from your customers - without the worry of fake or defamatory reviews.
Constructive criticism and positive feedback are recognised as valuable tools for the improvement and heightened customer focus in all businesses, including hospitality.
Restaurant owners need the opportunity to invite quality dialog and contact with their diners to improve their business operationally, or to reward and recognise staff for excellent service.

But how do you deal with fake reviews intended to damage your business?

External review site, Tripadvisor, publishes reviews of hotels and restaurants, and other travel information. The benefit of independent and genuine reviews are obvious, however there has been criticism that the reviews cannot always be trusted.

Italy’s competition watchdog has fined travel website TripAdvisor €500,000 (£392,000) for publishing misleading information in its reviews. An official of the Rome based regulator quoted that the company was “publishing misleading information about the sources of its reviews”.

Furthermore, Tripadvisor has been frequently accused of ignoring complaints from business owners of extortion – that is, some diners demand money off bills threatening to post bad reviews on the site if the restaurant doesn’t comply.

The US site allows multiple reviews about the same experience, which many would say is misleading and misrepresentative. TripAdvisor responded thus to one business owner who received 2 bad reviews about the same experience:

“Each reviewer is only allowed to write one review per property. That said, two reviewers who have shared an experience are both entitled to post independent reviews about this experience. For example, we would allow a husband and wife traveling together to post individual reviews of a shared experience.” – Trip Advisor Reply

This leaves restaurant owners in a fairly powerless position to defend against defamatory and possibly untrue reviews that can potentially ruin their business.

Solution: Verified Feedback from ResDiary

Gain insight into your business with verified customer reviews from ResDiary. This is a free facility designed to put the control back into your hands. Only customers who have booked a table through the ResDiary platform are invited to leave a review. Furthermore, you can set the system to allow reviews only from those diners marked as seated.

ResDiary is sold as software as a service on a monthly basis for a fair and reasonable monthly charge, and our ethos is about helping the operator maximise covers, yield and revenue.

We do not charge per cover, per booking or or any other transaction charges.

We believe that the ResDiary verified feedback and review system is integral to our offer and in driving traffic to our website, thus adding value without the necessity for transaction charges.

Restaurants can request that any malicious reviews are removed and that we shall do this without question.

Also, restaurants will soon be ranked on in order of review rating so that restaurants which do not take reviews will be ranked beneath all others.

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Post Dining Email

Send your guests an automatic email using your words and branding to thank them for their visit, and elicit feedback. You can even take the opportunity in this email to incentivise a repeat visit to your restaurant.

Respond and Take Action

Now you’ve received some verified reviews, you can take action!

  • Thank diners for their great feedback, or alternatively address any concerns to help win over disgruntled customers.
  • Feedback is traced back to the reservation so you can see where the customer was sitting and who was serving them.
  • Customers can only make one review per booking with a unique link that becomes invalid after one response.
verified feedback

Embed a genuine feedback widget in your website

We can provide a feedback widget for your website. Have a live stream of your most recent reviews on your website to encourage future diners.

ResDiary verified feedback - A FREE service to ensure reviews from GENUINE diners - a great tool to encourage further bookings.

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