waitlist app

What is W8List™?

Hanging around is no fun, so we introduced a restaurant waitlist app to make sure everyone gets a foot in the door.

We’ve all been there: it’s 7.30pm on a Saturday and you’ve got a queue out the door. Monday and Tuesday were terrible and you need to be making revenue, not turning away customers.
This is where our waitlist app comes in.  W8list™ allows floor staff efficient, easy to use and complete management of restaurant waitlist times. Perfectly designed to ensure walk-in business is carefully managed at peak times.

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Here's how it works

  • W8List™ bookings can be edited to meet changing demands of guests, including times and table preferences.
  • Staff receive alerts when W8list™ is in operation to ensure waitlist bookings aren’t overlooked for new walk-ins.
  • Diners can be sent customizable notifications and staff know they have given diners every chance to accept their table.
  • Availability can be sorted in your waitlist app by VIP status or alphabetical order to find information easily.
  • VIP diners can be given priority and seated before other guests.
  • Shortcut keystrokes improve the speed and user experience of the waitlist app.

Benefits of W8List™

  • Keep your customers happy: they’re never disappointed or turned away.
  • Increase your revenues: through maximising your restaurant’s covers and yield.
  • Less work: auto-updates to save manual searching.
  • Improved accuracy: helps you tell confirmed and potential business levels.
  • Available anywhere: access from your laptop, desktop or iPad app.
  • No extra cost: available free with all packages

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