Webhooks Service

We created our webhooks service off the back of requests from partners that wanted real time information relating to guest and booking activity within ResDiary to trigger events in their systems. The webhooks service allows an external system to listen for certain event types and receive an alert including the booking-customer details.

The service is presently used by different partners to furnace different solutions. For example:

  • Marketing and CRM systems are picking up the creation of bookings and triggering loyalty system emails
  • Online epos integration trigger the opening of checks when a diner is seated in the ResDiary system.
  • Property Management Systems that list guests restaurant bookings are picking up changes to customers-bookings so that a diners list of booking is always up to date.

Access to the webhooks service is usually given in tandem with access to another API, in that case the costs are covered by the access costs of that API. If sole access is required then the cost is £150 + VAT (or your currency equivalent) per month during the integration process. Once the integration is certified and live, the invoicing will stop. 

For access to our Webhooks API documentation, please email [email protected]