Embracing technology:

Wedgwood the Restaurant

The good old days 



Wedgwood the Restaurant is a high-end restaurant in Edinburgh. The co-owners, Lisa and Paul have built it up to be one of the most renowned venues in a city filled with great places to eat.


As every restaurateur will know, time is precious. But they also know that creating great customer experiences and journeys takes time. As a working mum, Lisa found that she was spending a lot of time sorting out bookings.

“We used to be very old school. I had a simple online booking system and a paper diary. All the phone bookings would go in the paper diary and at the end of the evening we’d need to replicate the online system into the paper book, and vice versa.

The clerical work on it was unbelievable. I would basically make a document in Word and update it every day of the year for a decade.”


Staff at Wedgwood were spending up to 90 minutes a day arranging reservations.

That’s more than 45 hours a month.

Moving forwards

 But that couldn’t go on. As their restaurant took off, with Paul’s cooking gaining them critical acclaim, the reservations were taking over her life.

“We used to take the big diary overseas with us when we went on holiday. I’d carry it in my hand luggage, panicked I’d lose it as it was so important to my business.

It got to the point where I was so busy I couldn’t even think about implementing a new system because I didn’t have time to wrap my head around it.  Then I became pregnant and brought in our General Manager, Jasmine, as I was going off on maternity leave. She had used ResDiary in Australia and introduced me to it.

I was a bit nervous but then I met with Andy (ResDiary’s Head of Customer Success), and he put my fears at ease.”


45% of Wedgwood’s reservations are now online

What’s changed?

Lisa is now able to manage her reservations from home, simply by logging into her laptop. She no longer has “the fear” that she’ll lose her reservations book and her clerical duties have decreased massively.

“I now have a much better work life balance. I just log into the diary and see how many covers we’re doing when I’m not at work, giving me a much better insight into how the business is doing.”

And the business benefits?

“Having had ResDiary for two years now, I can’t believe we used to use a paper diary for nine years. ResDiary’s so easy.

I love the back of house reports and the fact we can take notes on specific clients’ likes and dislikes, because it’s hard to remember everything when you’re as busy as we get. And the fact I can travel anywhere, be anywhere in the world, and know what’s happening in the restaurant and what guests are in that night is brilliant.”

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