By Zopaash | Published on May 8th, 2017

Why customers should open your email?

Sending marketing emails is a great way to talk to your customers but you need to ensure they have a purpose, rather than just being your personal platform. The emails that you send need to give people a reason to visit your venue. See some of the ways that you can turn readers into eaters.


Empty tables are a restaurateur’s worst nightmare. Incentivise undecided diners and encourage business with special offers or value packages at quieter times.

restaurant email marketing

Special occasions and holidays

Solo birthday’s are never as much fun as those in a group. Offering something free to the birthday reveller encourages them to come to your venue, bringing along their friends as paying customers.  Holidays can also be a great way to capitalise by tailoring your offering for the audience. Consider offering a free egg for kids at Easter or announce Santa visiting at Christmas.

restaurant email marketing

Don't ask don't get

Consumers now want the marketing content they consume to be a two-way conversation. People are turned off by a blatant sales pitch but perceive the seller in a better light if they invite their opinions. In order to create quality content that your customers will click on and open, use your marketing channels and ask people what they would like to see:

Do you want to find out when we have new deals?
Would you be interested in recipes straight from the chef?
What would you like to see less of?

restaurant email marketing

So now you’ve got the database, slick content and a reason for customers to book.  The only problem is it’s now 1am and you want to go to bed – should you just send it? No!  There’s a time for everything.  Next week’s blog will cover when to send your email to get the most coverage.

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