By Zopaash | Published on April 13th, 2017

How ResDiary can help

Reservation systems don’t make your venue busy, you do that with great service and even better food. However, many a fantastic restaurateur has found themselves with an empty restaurant on a mid-month Tuesday, that’s just how the trade works.  Is your website up to scratch?

ResDiary can help fill those quiet times by boosting your online presence and turning an OK week into a great one.  ResDiary has lots of features you can add to your website to boost bookings and maximise those pennies.

restaurant payments

Payments and ticketing
Reservations are great. No shows are not. With ResDiary, you can take full payment for bookings, deposits to secure tables or even sell tickets for one off events.

Sell vouchers
ResDiary provides a voucher system so you can secure some extra revenue, directly from your website. Sell normal monetary vouchers or create a buzz with set experiences, all feeding into your diary.

One of the top reasons diners pick a restaurant is because they have seen good reviews. With ResDiary inbuilt review system, all posts are from verified diners at your venue. ResDiary also makes it simple for you to respond to posts and create a review feed on your website.

Customise your reservations
We’re always happy to help out with custom book buttons and branded widgets. We’ll help with colours and logos so they blend seamlessly into your site, giving a smooth reservation experience.

Website advice
We’re experts at all things online. Get in touch for advice on your website features or introductions to our partners in website design, Propeller.


Did we miss something?
If you have something that you couldn’t live without on your website (or as a consumer, you love seeing something on your favourite restaurant's website) it would be great to hear from you. Please email

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